New from Innerstellar

Out now: Innerstellar’s new work “Who’s to Say This Will Make More Sense the Next Time Through”. It’s my collaboration with poet Audra Almond-Harvey in support of Nashville’s dance ensemble FALL (

In June 2022, FALL presented A Bending of its Own Kind 2.0, a contemporary and aerial dance performance inspired by founder Rebekah Hampton Barger’s experience with chronic pain. “Who’s to Say This Will Make More Sense the Next Time Through” was commissioned for the event, and now it is available for all to hear.

Innerstellar’s music creates a complementary sonic space for powerful poetry written and recited by Audra Almond-Harvey, her poignant words expressing the collected experiences of those living with chronic pain. It’s a profound depiction of the journey through fear and uncertainty to hope and self-kindness.

Paired with it is the instrumental version, titled “What Stars We Can See”.


Cover photo: Martin O’Connor

Theme: Elation by Kaira.